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Saturday, September 08, 2007

My 200th Post: Ready to Rise and Shine!

Ready to Rise and Shine!
My 200th Post:
The month of July and August were like a glimpse of hell.
People suffer because of silly mistakes made by a bunch of idiots. You know that you are working hard and smart, but then too! No results.
DISssssssssssssGUSTING ! ! !

Forget it!

September looks like a great start.
I took a Brainwash, no nightmares now, and I am Ready to Rise and Shine!
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Things also happen without Planning.

From past two/three months, me and my colleagues were planning for a movie. Five new movies passed-by.
But then today. Stress Levels were too high.
Three of us. We were walking together towards the station, after leaving office little early. Someone came-up with an urge to eat a burger. Then someone suggested a nice place where we can have one. Boom! We went to Bembos, Bandra.
After that we started walking in search of a Rick. Which we couldn’t find one. It was raining. Then suddenly one of us pointed towards the oldest multiplex in Mumbai. We went there to see the movies listed for 8.00pm show. Decided to watch “Transformers”
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